What is the biggest problem digital content solves, in books, photos, texting?




And what does digital sharing supplant?


Old-fashioned print.  Photos in shoe boxes.  Books in the mail. Checks in the mail. The snail mail itself.


How much have we really mourned these “losses” in recent years?


Do you miss mailing photos to Grandma? (Put that tablet down I’m talking to you Mrs. Facebook.)


Do you miss requesting and waiting for a AAA TripTik to arrive in the mail? (“Can’t go dear, TripTik not here yet.”  Divorce.)


Do you miss licking ten envelopes a week to pay bills? (How many have died needlessly!)


Do you miss mailing books as birthday presents? (All that time lost in long hopeless lines.)


The point is this. Digital does supplant print because it offers so much more. Print does not go fully away, but it does find a new much lower level of usage from where it was before digital became widespread. (Let us hope this happens to printed catalog mailings soon.)


So if digital enables sharing, then let’s build new business models that encourage sharing.


Which is why Publerati shares our ebooks freely for use in developing nations and also believes in the power of expanding literacy using ebooks and e-readers provided by sharing of funds. One person pays, another person gains access.


Remember the kids who would never share? They don’t work at Publerati. 


— Caleb

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2 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Amen. I love print books but they are simply too expensive and not really all that necessary anymore. Ereading is making reading cool. I wonder if the total book market has been so low because books have been so expensive and not cool compared to other forms of entertainment? Is digital going to expand the market for readers? Probably. I wonder how many more photos are seen because of Facebook than were seen when all we had were prints. Plus you only got three prints out of every 36 you even liked. (By the way, I divorced my husband years ago in part because he was a map control freak.)

  2. The other key benefit of digital beyond sharing is instant availability in unlimited copies. How much human knowledge was lost in the past because a book someone wanted at a library had been checked out? Did that person ever really get back to read it? Some did, others did not. Digital is just plain smarter across the board. The supply is infinite and always available.

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