Publerati Titles on Scribd for eBook Subscribers…

All Publerati works of fiction are now available as part of the Scribd $8.99 monthly ebook subscription program.
Scribd is doing for books and reading what Netflix has done for movies and television. Ideal for avid readers, Scribd offers a great selection of titles at a terrific price: essentially half the price of one trade paperback for all the ebooks per month you can read. They support Apple iOS, Android, and Kindle.
Please visit our home page to see our titles and know that when you buy any of them from Scribd or other ebook resellers we donate no less than 15% of our net proceeds to help the Worldreader Organization spread literacy using ebooks.
All titles also available for libraries through Overdrive.
— Caleb

5 thoughts on “Publerati Titles on Scribd for eBook Subscribers…

  1. I average about 2-3 books a month but must confess most are free pass-alongs. So that is still more money than I have for books. Interesting, though.

  2. Jane. You are not alone. In fact I have seen some research showing the very high pass-along rates for print books. Sadly, that means the author only gets paid once, which is why less expensive ebooks such as ours might be purchased more easily and quickly for impulse readers. Time will answer that one but I think convenience and fair price always drive up volumes of participants.

  3. All well and good but as an established author who publishes with a large publisher I see these sort of services as reducing my royalties. How do you justify that?

  4. Hi Daniel: your current setup may be fine for you. Publerati pays 80% of the royalty after the retailers take their cut so on a $4.99 ebook that ranges from $2 to $3.50 per book from the resellers going to the author, same as a hardcover for most authors at 12-15%. The royalty will be lower through Scribd but we consider it a marketing book discovery advantage. All books are simply too difficult to discover and overpriced versus other entertainment competition so I think this has to and will change for authors ito flourish in the decades to come. I worked at a large publisher and they waste more money on expensive property and fancy living. Plus they are pumping out too many books per year to give all their books the attention they deserve. Thanks for commenting.

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