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Publerati eBooks Now Available in Asia

One of the best things about ebooks is how they open up access around the globe in ways that simply cannot be done as cost-effectively in print.

Publerati is pleased to announce that all our ebooks are now available in English through eSentral in Asia.  In addition, our ebooks are available through Amazon and Apple around the world.

For people using new tablets and phones from Google and Samsung, you can also read all our ebooks simply by downloading the free Kindle app and then reading your Kindle ebooks on those tablets and phones. Kobo and the Nook are also great products and services for reading.

As a reminder, what is unique about Publerati is that when you read one of our affordably priced ebooks, you also help spread literacy in developing nations through our partnership with the Worldreader Organization. 

Not only do we make all our ebooks available to Worldreader for free to offer children and teachers in developing nations, but we also donate no less than 5% of our net proceeds from every ebook we sell. Last year, we were proud to donate an even higher percentage than that.

Publerati is a new concept designed to help excellent fiction, which might not be as immediately commercial as many print blockbusters, find its way to market, while doing so in a socially responsible way so when we read, others gain access as well.

We have just released a wonderful new novel called An American Gospel, which is the story of an Iraq war veteran who must work low-level jobs in recessionary America despite his military service and philosophy degree. He is just about to give up all hope when he witnesses a miracle in the nursing home where he works, which restores his faith in unexpected ways.

This and all other titles can be found on Thank you.

— Caleb