Thanksgiving by Ellen Cooney Early Reviews

We would like to thank the many book bloggers who are passionate about excellent fiction for their coverage of this extraordinary novel.  Here are links to recent reviews:

This is a win-win…because when you read any Publerati work of fiction, priced at just $4.99 to encourage wider readership, we donate a portion of all sales (as well as the ebook itself) to the Worldreader Organization, who is working to spread literacy using donated ebooks and ereaders. Good works.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving by Ellen Cooney Early Reviews

  1. I just finished this. (I attended the panel discussion in NYC where you mentioned the book.) I did not know what to expect but I could not put it down. What an amazing accomplishment by the author. I am recommending it widely, hoping that helps spread the word. Good luck and I love what you are trying to do, realizing it is probably a tough sled within the established industry, especially at $4.99.

  2. Thanks Alice and I remember speaking with you at the book conference. I hope at some point to be able to get our ebook prices up to the $9.95 price point, which I feel is the correct one for novels. I recently browsed the table at a leading bookstore and left wondering how many sales are not made because of the high prices. For instance, a Junot Diaz 128-page, maybe 160-page, paperback was $16 even. That is two movies. I simply could not justify that expense at the time, which would have been an impulse buy there. I have not yet checked on the ebook price but bet it is either $14.95 or $12.95. I might bite at $12.95 because the author is just that good. But I do understand the major publisher price elasticity challenges across all formats, but do not have that challenge at Publerati where we are all e, as well as being a new type of literary agency.

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